Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP)

The Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP) is an innovative and ambitious partnership comprised of great ape range states faced with an immediate challenge: to lift the threat of imminent extinction faced by gorillas (Gorilla beringei, G. gorilla), chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes), bonobos (Pan paniscus) and orangutans (Pongo abelii, P. pygmaeus) across their ranges in Equatorial Africa and Southeast Asia.
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An orangutan learns how to fish. A #NewYoker article

Great ape inspired art “Chimpanzee” by Sujee Indran.

Researchers examine the causes of aggression in wild #chimpanzees in this paper from Nature through examination of many different chimpanzee communities and several #bonobo communities, trying to gauge whether human impact is to blame.

GRASP is pleased to welcome intern Jia Qiao of China to the staff. Jia recently completed her master’s studies in management at the Nanjing Agricultural University’s School of Government, and previously spent 6 months studying Confucius sites in Kenya through Egerton University. She also served on the Foreign Affairs Staff of Zhejian University in Nanjing. Welcome!

#GreatApeMoment Rugira a young mountain gorilla from Kuryama’s group in DR Congo.